Maturity: Mid early
Skin color: Yellow
Flesh color: Deep yellow
Yield: High to very high
Market: Fresh consumption
Boiling quality: Fairly firm. Cooking type B.

Perentage: B 7/96 x Bionta

Year of registration: 2009

Tuber shape: Round oval, good-looking regular tubers

Resistant against mechanical damage
Resistant against common scab
Potato wart race 1 resistant
Potato cyst nematode Ro1 resistant
Good storage stability

Recommendation for growing:
Requires humus soil with good resource of nutrient
Recommend less spacing of plants per ha and early outplanting

Very high yield of market tubers
Good-looking tubers with regular shape and size
Very good boiling quality, deep yellow flesh
Good storage stability

Vyšlechtěno ve spolupráci s VÚB Havlíčkův Brod a s finanční podporou projektů NAZV č.QF 45133a 1B53036

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